The Simplistic Skills Set - Cooking

Every time you need a recipe, you're more likely than not to use the internet? Am we correct? However, if you're using the internet, most recipes and food channels will give you the ingredients and the method, but if you're stuck on the simple skills, how are you going to create the final product? 


Here, at SasipiaIndustries, we endeavour to teach young people transferable skills for life. 

The first skill set for cooking is looking at knife skills.

What we mean by this is looking at how you differentiate the type of knives, how you use them, and the best way to cut difficult foods.

Introducing: Ramen

 Now, to understand what we mean by the Simplistic Skill Set, we can look at the Simple Skills needed to make the Ramen, before we even get to the recipe.


Using the correct utensil i.e vegetable knife, to cut the spring onion and red onion into reasonable sized pieces


Understanding how to make sure the noodles are thoroughly cooked


Making sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked through

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